Exhibitors 2024

Ali Scott

Ali is an experienced feltmaker with a passion for transforming fleece into vibrant felt ‘paintings’. Inspiration comes from a delight in the natural world, local landscape, trees and dwelling places.

Ali exhibits widely and has work in several private collections in the UK and abroad. She is a member of The International Feltmakers Association, Ceredigion Art Trail and Origin, Carmarthen.

More information on Ali and how to contact her can be found here.

Helyg Lleu

Eirian crafts a wide variety of willow baskets, including her signature backpack interwoven with Welsh tweed: the perfect combination of wool and willow!

You can see what she’s currently working on here.

Sasha Kagan

Established in Mid Wales in 1984, Sasha Kagan Knitwear offers hand knitted designer sweaters, coats, jackets, accessories and home furnishings. Sasha has authored 7 books of knit and crochet design, she teaches at West Dean College Chichester and on Stitchtopia holiday retreats. She is a long time patron of The Knitting and Crochet Guild and her mission is to promote hand knitting and crochet as mediums for creative expression.

You can find out more here.

John Morgan

Hand crafted wood-turned items from a variety of native timbers. These include traditional, textured and some colour applications.

Jenny Knoll Yarns

Luxury Alpaca and Mohair blended yarns, sometimes with a little lambswool too. The fleeces come from my own pet herds of alpaca and angora goats which are kept in Clun. The fleeces are washed and spun for me in South Wales, after which I hand dye the yarn into a range of beautiful colours. I also make a few winter knitted accessories, such as hats and scarves, and supply knitting kits as well.

You can find out more here.

Redland Pottery

Sarah makes functional pottery from her home in the beautiful county of Herefordshire. She hand crafts and decorates each piece individually, including these unique yarn bowls. You can find out more about Sarah and her work by visiting her website.

Llety Mawr Farm Enterprises

At Llety Mawr we create a range of items from the materials available on our land and our flock of Jacob sheep. This includes hand spun wool, knitted and crotchet items, felted sculptures, sheepskin rugs and willow tanned sheep leather. More of our story can be found at www.lletymawr.co.uk .

Clems Daughter

My days are spent designing and sewing, or unpicking tatty old quilts from which I am often able to save tiny pieces of fragile fabrics- occasionally, I have been fortunate enough to discover another layer of fabric under the top one, where a thrifty housewife has covered the worn quilt with fabrics of her own.

I use pieces of antique fabric to make wall hangings, keepsake books, pockets, needle books, etc.  Each item I make is unique.

You can see more of my work here.

Sarah Fisher

I have been a feltmaker for some twenty years and work mainly with soft merino fleece.  I often dye my own fibres to create both vibrant and subtle colours. I incorporate a range of other materials, especially silk for the added shine it gives, and the way it provides a good base for luxury clothing. My products range from small items as jewellery, vases, flowers and book covers, to hats, bags, scarves and wraps. I also make 3d sculptural pieces.

Why not visit Sarah’s website to find out more?

Lesley Butler

Lesley is a talented basket maker, crafting a mix of traditional and contemporary baskets with a twist.

Inspired by the beauty of the Shropshire Hills, Lesley is often out collecting natural materials with which to create unique pieces.

Her designs are interesting and functional and no two pieces are ever the same.

You can find out what Lesley is currently working on here.

Mopani Beans

Mopani beans handbags are made from high quality, vintage Welsh tweed fabric and clothing that I have collected because I am drawn to their colour, texture, composition and history. Through Mopani beans I hope to breathe new life into these textiles by up-cycling them to create one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories. I design Mopani beans handbags to be simple and practical yet elegant, and every handbag I create is unique. I find hand sewing very meditative and so some Mopani beans bags are decorated with hand stitched appliqué floral designs, worked in pure wool. I work from home in a fabric-filled shepherd’s hut in the foothills of the Cambrian mountains surrounded by beautiful Welsh countryside and sheep.

Find out more here.

Anneli Thomas


My interest in the magical woollen fibre manifests itself in the weaving and knitting of useable items for the home or wardrobe. I’m influenced by traditional Nordic weave structures and knitting patterns as this is part of my cultural heritage. All my items are one offs and I design when sit by the loom, trying out colours and combinations. Sometimes I incorporate my own hand spun and naturally dyed yarns. For the knitted items I use Shetland wool. More often than not I enjoy giving my items to my children and grandchildren as well as selling some at a couple of local fairs.

Danielle Flowers Woodturner

Contemporary wooden jewellery and home decor.

Find out more here.


I’m all about doing what feels good and comes naturally. I get a lot of inspiration for colour from my allotment and surrounding countryside here in mid Wales. I’m very lucky to live here and be inspired every day.

George and Hilary Wheeler

George and Hilary create quirky wooden bird houses, sculpture and tapestries to their own unique designs.

EU Wombat

Sue makes a variety of exquisite needle felted pieces, including fun animal mobiles, mascots, felted soaps, fun woollen hats, bags with octopus attachments, woollen octopi and peapod brooches and keyrings.

Why not visit Sue’s shop on Etsy to see her current work?

Highfield Generations

Working with wool, Luci crafts a wide variety of beautiful items.

You can see more of Luci’s work here.

Panic Circus

Chris carves intricate love spoons and walking sticks/staffs as well as oak sculptures, hedgerow puppets and other items.

Cwmstwrdy Fibre Farm

Fine mohair and wool from my Angora goats and Bowmont and Shetland sheep. Raw and washed fibre, spun yarn in natural colours and plant-dyed ready for all your crafting projects.

Handwoven and knitted items such as cushions, blankets, scarves, hats and socks using my own fibre and re-homed commercial yarn. To find out more click here.


Penny and Ian are experienced and gifted leather workers who craft beautiful bags and accessories in a wide variety of colours.

Why not see what they’re up to by visiting their Facebook page?

Coco Alpacas

Jane produces a variety of hand knitted alpaca accessories, socks and alpaca yarn.

Visit Jane’s website for more information.

Caroline North

Fumage and original paintings on wood.

You can view more of Caroline’s work here.

Woolly Wales

Sara is a wool producer, dyer, spinner, and weaver.

She uses fleece from her own flocks of sheep, and also sources some from other Welsh farmers and smallholders.

At the festival she will have fully traceable wools available, from raw fleeces and processed breed-specific fibre (dyed & undyed), to hand-spun yarns and mill-spun yarns (hand-dyed & undyed). She also stocks wooden jumbo knitting needles & crochet hooks, and wooden drop spindles.

Find out more about Sara here.

Jez Toys

Jeremy crafts toys, games and household objects from recycled wood.

Ann Addison

Hand knitted adult and children’s garments and accessories.