Hi, I’m Sarah, Llani girl, full time accounts manager and Mum and, of course, crochet fanatic. I love working with wool, and have been doing it for about 10 years, although I have been crafting for many, many more. I started making jewellery at age 12 and did my first Craft fair at 14 years old. Over the years my jewellery flourished, and I have picked up many crafts along 15the way, including tiaras, then cards, sewing, etc. Crochet came last, but I cannot stop! It’s as meditative as it is creative, and I adore being able to just pick up a ball and hook and begin something with no pattern or knowing where it is going to lead! I use mixed fibres mostly but do experiment with all textures. I’m also a keen gardener and happy ‘allotmenteer’ – again, another past time that is hugely beneficial to wellbeing. You can find more of my items on Etsy.