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Wool & Willow festival 2015Wool & Willow festival 2015Wool & Willow festival 2015

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knot weaving by Alice ThomasA.H.T. Designs

Alice Thomas


Alice Thomas is a Welsh artist based in the Dyfi Valley, near Aberystwyth.

She began creative knot weaving many years ago, working mainly in embroidery threads and beading, creating jewellery and small pieces. Over the past few years her work has grown and she now creates on a much larger scale, using mainly jute twine and recycled cotton cord.

“I use only natural, biodegradable, ethically sourced materials. I am always searching for new ways to weave more from this land in to my creations. Using a combination of found objects; nuts, seeds, drift wood and cones. With natural dyes; nettle, birch, gorse, oak, alder. I am creating pieces that resonate strongly with my surroundings and are rooted here in this land.”

Bardsey Willow and Wool basketBardsey Willow and Wool


I lived on Bardsey Island for 11 years.  During the isolated winter months I used willow from the traditional island withy beds and wool from the island sheep to weave baskets and rugs.

Now based on the Llyn Peninsula, this has developed into a willow and wool weaving cottage industry.

woven willow basket by Beryl SmithCrafts Mid-Wales

Beryl Smith


Wool and willow products, hand-woven scarves, cushions and rugs using natural fleece. Willow baskets, garden products, living willow structures and willow coffins. Workshops in both willow and textiles.

products made from Cwmstwrdy Fibre Farm woolCwmstwrdy Fibre Farm

Debbie Francis


Fine mohair and wool from my Angora goats and Bowmont and Shetland sheep. Raw and washed fibre, spun yarn in natural colours and plant-dyed ready for all your crafting projects.

Handwoven and knitted items such as cushions, blankets, scarves, hats and socks using my own fibre and re-homed commercial yarn.

My workshop on 20th June is ‘An introduction to weaving on a 4-shaft loom’. Please see the Workshops page for further details.

Faithful EweFaithful Ewe

Hazel Steer


a Sarah Fisher felt birdSarah Fisher Feltmaker


Sarah Fisher is an experienced feltmaker, working mainly with merino fleece. She often dyes her own fibres, and blends colours to create felt which is vibrant and exciting. She incorporates a range of different materials, in particular silk which can add shine and produce a strong and fine fabric for luxury clothing. Her products range from small items such as jewellery, vases, flowers and book covers, to hats, bags, scarves and wraps. She also creates 3D sculptural pieces.

Great Oak BooksGreat Oak Books


A range of new, second-hand and out-of-print books, as well as calendars, greeting cards etc. Specialising in local books and maps, books on green and ethical issues, children's books and craft books.

Helyg Lleu willow basketHelyg Lleu

Eirian Jones Muse


Mae Eirian yn cynhyrchu basgedi helyg o’i chartref yng Ngharmel, Dyffryn Nantlle. Defnyddir pren helyg o ffynhonnell adnewyddadwy, gan eu cyfuno gyda defnyddiau Cymreig fel brethyn traddodiadol a chregyn mor, i greu basgedi lliwgar a thrawiadol. Dyma gyfuno ymarferoldeb a chrefft i greu gwrthrych sy’n ddefnyddiol a hardd. Maent wedi cael eu dylunio er mwyn cael ei defnyddio, fel basgedi siopa, basgedi ar gyfer y beic, i storio neu fel addurn.

Wedi gweithio ym maes Tecstilau am ran fwyaf o’i hoes fel athrawes D a T ym Mhen Llyn roedd troi at wehyddu hefo pren a'u cyfuno hefo tecstilau yn gam naturiol iddi.

Eirian produces willow baskets from her home in Carmel, Dyffryn Nantlle. Willow from a renewable source is used and mixed with Welsh woollen tweeds and natural objects such as shells to make colourful baskets. Practicality and craftmanship are combined to make practical and attractive products. They are designed to be used as shopping or bike baskets; for storage or as interior design objects.

After working for many years as a D and T teacher in Llyn, turning to weaving with willow and combining it with textiles was a natural step for her.

samples of Jenny Knoll YarnsJenny Knoll Yarns

Helen Roberts


My luxury yarns are produced on our fibre farm situated in the South Shropshire hills.

I keep Angora Goats and Alpacas that are purely kept for their fleeces, which are spun locally or by me. I hand dye them into a beautiful range of colours for knitting, crochet and weaving.

garments by Kaotic KittusKaotic Kittus

Sam Boulanger



Samantha is a self-taught seamstress. Also known as ‘The Accidental Upcyclist’.

A forager and rescuer of all things fabric, trying to save unwanted clothing and textiles from ending up in landfill. Creatively revamping and recreating them into unique, funky upcycled eco-finery, giving them a new lease of life.

In 2009, Samantha created the upcycled clothing labels ‘Kaotic Kittus’ and ‘Guto the Whippet’.

Based in Swyddffynnon, Ceredigion, Samantha is currently studying Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, with a keen interest in Printmaking and Photography. Mostly inspired by the animal world, nature and landscapes, Samantha is also fascinated by what is seen as ordinary, recreating the mundane into something unique and beautiful, just like in her upcycled creations. “With my photography especially, I just love the ambiguity and interplay of the many shadows, reflections, silhouettes, patterns and strong contrasts that can be created from the simplest of everyday objects and subjects around us, often unnoticed by many, making them into a work of art in itself”.

textile art by Maria LalićMaria Lalić


Maria Lalić is a Textile Artist inspired by the legend, landscape and people of Wales. She uses mixed media techniques including creative embroidery, free form knitting and free weaving. You can see more of Maria’s work on her website or by following her current project, @unlost places on Instagram.

Llety Mawr productsLlety Mawr Farm Enterprises (Jacob Wool)

Amanda Tomkins


Moving to Llangadfan 10 years ago with my daughter and her family meant a complete change of lifestyle. We took on 17 acres of Welsh hill and bought 6 pedigree Jacob ewes. The flock now numbers 26 breeding ewes. But what to do with all that fleece? We decided to make decorative and useful items from the wool. I had a background in textile work and my daughter was artistic so we had a go. We could both spin, sew, knit and crotchet and soon added felt making to the list of skills. At the outset we decided not to use any dyes so we blend the natural colours to achieve a variety of tones. We make whatever takes our fancy and due to the nature of the raw material all items are unique.

Lovespool yarnLovespool

Tania Oakshott

I make a wide selection of original hand-spun art yarns using a variety of colours, fibres and inclusions.

My wire core yarn, which is great for sculpture, is also popular with embroiderers and jewellers.

I also have a range of hand-spun British and rare breeds yarns, carded batts and yarn bowls.

a Mainly Waistcoats waistcoatMainly Waistcoats

Elizabeth Reed

Hand knitting and crochet have been among my favourite leisure activities for many years now, and I like to create my own designs from traditional modules, whether they be triangles or squares. I usually make waistcoats, building them as I go from the bottom up. In the process I find that the garment tends to dictate its own form and shape. I particularly like mitred squares and have used this technique for waistcoats, and on a smaller scale, fingerless gloves. I use commercial yarns, predominately a mixture of wool and silk, and am inspired by colour and texture. Each of my garments is handmade and totally unique.

items made by Melindwr TextilesMelindwr Textiles

Jan Armstrong

Melindwr Textiles is a small business owned by Jan Armstrong, based in Goginan near Aberystwyth.

Most of Jan’s products are made with natural materials – wool, cotton, silk. She also uses vintage lace, buttons etc. to embellish her work.

Up-cycling & re-cycling also play a big part in the work Jan produces, be it children’s clothing, patchwork quilts, cushions, bags and many other articles.

When not crafting, Jan bakes cakes for local cafés and has also ventured into the world of Bed & Breakfast.

Come and enjoy the display of work at the Wool and Willow Festival.

MolliMade crochetMolliMade

Margaret Hughes


I crochet. On my stand at The Wool and Willow Festival you will find clothing for adults and children, toys, accessories, bags, baby blankets, hand dyed and un-dyed wool, hooks, innovative patterns and pattern books, crochet hooks, kits and fibre art, which is new for this year's show. If you do not see what you want anything can be made to order.

My workshop this year will be How to Make a Crochet Rug.

If you do not see what you want anything can be made to order.

A Pippa Tee willow dragonflyPippa's Plants

Pippa Tee


I grow many varieties of basket-weaving willow at my organic plant nursery. Using ‘green’ willow – freshly cut willow with the bark still on it – I make baskets in all shapes and sizes for countless uses. Also lampshades, trellis, tripods, pomanders and dragon flies.

felt picture by Ali Scott, felt artistAli Scott


Ali is an experienced feltmaker with a passion for transforming fleece into vibrant felt ‘paintings’. Ali is primarily a ‘wet felter’ and enjoys the challenges of this process.

Inspiration comes from a delight in the natural world and local landscape.

She welcomes commissions and is an experienced workshop facilitator.

Shetlands of Penlon fleeces and productsShetlands of Penlon

Penny Samociuk


We use the multi coloured wool from our small flock of Shetland sheep to produce a variety of woven products and spun wool. The range of natural colours in our flock mean we do not need to dye our wool. We also sell raw fleeces and organically tanned sheep skins.

woven tree by WildwovenWildwoven

Liz Beasley


I am a weaver and weaving teacher based near Rhayader.

I specialise in weaving highly-textured wallhangings, using handspun yarns, scraps of fabric and ‘found objects&rsquo’ gathered on my wanderings in the Welsh countryside.

I also run a fairtrade business supporting spinners and weavers in Chile, and I use my own range of handspun yarns in my weavings and kits.

I learnt to weave in Chile and I now teach Chilean weaving techniques, including decorative tapestry weaving, here in Wales.

For my workshop this year I will teach how to weave a decorative tapestry wallhanging using simple textured weaving techniques.

wool by Woolly WalesWoolly Wales

Sara John


Sara specialises in spinning and weaving British wool. She breeds Llanwenog sheep, which includes breeds such as Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Ryeland, Icelandic, and various crossbreeds. She is keen to produce both good meat and lovely wool, at high welfare standards.